Precautions When Using the Micro-Mini Twin

When Using a Holder for General Purpose / Small Automatic Lathe:


1. To avoid chipping of the 2nd cutting edge take care when inserting the boring bar into the holder.
Refer to fig.1. If the 2nd edge contacts the internal face of the holder there is a possibility that it may chip.


2. When clamping the boring bar into the holder, there is a possibility that damage to the shank and the 2nd cutting edge can occur. Make sure that the clamping screws are tightened to the set torque value. Additionally make sure that there is no clamping screw near the 2nd cutting edge as this can break the boring bar.

• When using Mitsubishi holders with a tool overhang of5 lxd, ensure that the 3rd clamping screw is removed prior to machining. (For RBH1620N, RBH19020N there are no 3rd clamping screws).
The set torque value for clamping screw is 18 lbf-in. (2.0 N • m)

When Using a Square Type Holder:


1. When installing the boring bar into the holder, tighten the clamping screw making the micro-mini twin boring bars in contact with the reference plane of square type holder.

2. Make sure that the clamp screw is tightened. The recommended set torque value is shown in the table of holder.

3. Don't tighten the clamp screw without a micro-mini twin boring bar, otherwise the clamp bridge can be deformed.

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