AXD4000 / 7000

Operation Guidance

Procedure for attaching inserts

Only use the inserts and parts provided by Mitsubishi Materials with this tool. Use of the correct insert clamp screws is especially important to ensure overall tool safety. Do not use damaged or worn clamp screws.

When tightening the clamp screws, follow the order in Figure 1.
The maximum allowable spindle speeds are shown in Table 1.
Ensure that the cutter operates under the maximum allowable spindle speed.
The maximum allowable spindle speeds for safety purposes are determined in accordance with ISO15641
(Milling Cutters for high speed machining–Safety requirements).

Procedure for attaching inserts

(Table 1) Maximum allowable spindle speed


Even when operating under the maximum allowable spindle speed, if the spindle speed is equal to or higher than the values shown in table 2, it is recommended that the balance quality (with the arbor or milling chuck) conforms to G6.3 or better based on ISO1940. It is also recommended to replace the clamp screws with new ones when changing inserts. Furthermore, ensure to use machines that are provided with safety measures in case of cutter breakage.
*The balance quality of the holder (without inserts and clamp screws) is G6.3 or better at 10000min-1.

(Table 2) Maximum spindle speed when balancing with the arbor or milling chuck has not been achieved


When setting the spindle speed, take into consideration the maximum allowable spindle speed of the arbor or milling chuck.
Use the specified set bolt when using the arbor type with through coolant.
The inserts have sharp cutting edges and handling them with bare hands may cause injuries. Always wear safety gloves when handling the indexable inserts.

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