Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

Mitsubishi Materials will recognize the importance of personal information and implement the following.

  1. Mitsubishi Materials will observe laws and regulations applied to personal information and decide internal provisions concerning control of personal information. Mitsubishi Materials will keep our workers (including directors, regular staff, part-timers and temporary staff) and those concerned, informed about the decisions of this policy and maintain and continually amend them.
  2. On and before obtaining personal information about an individual from the individual, Mitsubishi Materials will disclose or inform the individual the purpose of the use of the information. Mitsubishi Materials will collect personal information, only to the extent that it is needed to fulfill the purposes we have disclosed or informed.
  3. Mitsubishi Materials will appoint a person responsible for control of personal information to every department handling personal information in an effort to keep it accurate and up-to-date. Mitsubishi Materials will take measures to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
  4. Mitsubishi Materials will use personal information only for the purposes previously disclosed or informed upon original collection of the data, and manage it appropriately. Mitsubishi Materials will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of an individual, except as described below.
    1. (1) The individual has consented to the disclosure of their personal information.
    2. (2) To outsource some handling work of personal information to third parties in order for us to carry out our work.
    3. (3) When the necessary personal information is disclosed to a financial organization in order to pay an individual money.
    4. (4) When there are special grounds that are required by law.
  5. When sharing with or entrusting to outsource personal information work to third parties, Mitsubishi Materials will investigate and enter into necessary contracts with the relevant third parties, and take necessary legal measures to prevent unauthorized use.
  6. Mitsubishi Materials can confirm that an individual reserves the right to disclose, change, stop using or delete personal information of the individual, and will comply with such individual's request as soon as possible, unless there are special grounds required by law.
  7. Mitsubishi Materials will strictly manage the personal information of third parties entrusted to us, and will use personal information within the scope agreed with the third parties.

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information

  1. Mitsubishi Materials will use a customer's personal information to deliver our products and services below, to provide related after-sales service, to send information and data (including catalogues and direct mail) about the products, services and events below, to send questionnaires about improvement of the products and services below, to send winners selected a gift in a campaign, to operate related requesting services and to perform statistical work. If a department of Mitsubishi Materials uses limited parts of personal information, that department can only do so if it has notified a customer or disclosed to them that their personal information will be used.
    1. Our products and services: Metal cutting tools

3. Contact for Personal Information

  1. Business Strategy Dept., Metalworking Solutions Company, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
    TEL +81-3-5252-5176
  2. Personal Information Manager, the President of Metalworking Solutions Company.
    TEL +81-3-5252-5381
  3. If you wish to make any inquiries about Mitsubishi Materials' privacy policy, please use the Privacy Policy Inquiry Form. Your personal information provided on this form is encrypted and protected with SSL technology. Please note that if you do not use an SSL enabled browser, or due to a Fire Wall installation, you may not be able to access this page from the internal network.
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