6000 Series Grades for Steel Turning

October 8, 2015

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the expansion of MC6015 & MC6025.

Technical Information


・67 new MC6015 grade geometries including positive and negative inserts and wipers.

・48 new MC6025 grade geometries added to current product offerings.

・2 in 1 technology with gold colored top face compound layer enables high speed and efficient machining.

・Excellent wear resistance with “Tough Grip Technology" thick Al2O3 layer.

・Edge security with “Nano-Texture Coating Technology" .

・Black super even coating provides improved surface finish.

Applications to Target

・Alloy steel & Carbon Steel.

・Continuous and interrupted cutting.


・TOUGH-GRIP coating technology improves wear resistance drastically.

・Black Super Even Coating results in excellent resistance against adhesion and abnormal damage.

・Excellent chipping resistance and plastic deformation resistance.

・Chip control with FP, LP, SV, MV and MP positive style inserts.

・Chip control with LP, MP, RP, SA,SH, MA, MH, MW & SW negative style inserts.

Product available on

・October 1. 2015

Product Features

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