MC5000 Series Grades for Cast Iron Turning

November 27, 2015

New Product


・72 new inserts for MC5005, MC5015 grades and assorted chipbreakers.

Technical Information

・Extra thick Al2O3 coating layer for increased tool life.

・Nano-Texture coating technology gives outstanding wear and chipping resistance.

・TOUGH-Grip Technology for superior adhesion between coating layers.

Applications to Target

・Applications where ceramics were applied at accelerated surface speeds.

・All cast Iron and ISO-K applications.

・Applications where toughness and wear resistance are needed.

・Continuous and interrupted cast iron applications.


・New ISO-K grade of MC5005 for more wear resistant applications.

・New ISO-K grade of MC5015 for severe and interrupted applications.

Product available on

・November 19. 2015

Product Features

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