2022 Fall - New Product Launch

October 3, 2022

Fall 2022 - New Product Launch

Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. Fall 2022 DiaEdge Product Launch includes new products and series expansions for turning, milling, and drilling


New Products

- MS Series – (MS7025) – New MS7025 grade added to the PVD coated grades for high-precision and small parts machining lineup for dramatically improved welding and wear resistance in low speed machining operations of stainless steels.

Product Expansions

- GY for Swiss – (1.2mm CW Holders/Inserts) – 1.2mm CW Holders and inserts added to the GY for Swiss line-up.

- MP/MT 9000 Series – (MP9005/MP9015/MP9025 /MT9005) – G class Positive FS Breakers added to MT9005/MP9005 & MP9015 line-up. G class Positive FS & LS Breakers added to the MP9025 lineup.


Product Expansions

- DSA Series – (DSAS) – 5-L/D added to the DSA line-up for machining heat resistant alloys in sizes ranging from 3mm – 12mm DC.


New Products

- Smart Miracle End Mill Series – (VQJCS/VQLCS) – 5-Flute irregular pitch, chip breaker end mills added to the Smart Miracle End Mill Series for Difficult-to-Cut Materials.

- WWX Series – (WWX200) – New small insert tool holder added to the WWX lineup in sizes from 1.5” – 6” & 25mm – 160mm DC

- WSF406W – (WSF406W)* – High efficiency, low cutting resistance face milling cutter for cast iron machining with an adjustable run-out system.

Product Expansions

- WWX Series – (WWX400) – G-class M-breaker and Large Corner R inserts and wiper insert added.

- iMX Series – (iMX-C6HV-C) – 6-Flute multi-functional, corner radius head with coolant hole and irregular helix angle for efficient process machining from 10mm – 25mm DC.

- AXD Series – (AXD4000) – Screw-in Type* with coolant hole added in 25mm – 40mm DC.

*Not stocked in US.

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