2021 Fall New Product Release

October 4, 2021

2021 Fall New Product Release

The DiaEdge 2021 Fall Product Release includes a variety of new products and grades and product expansions for several product families.


*New Turning Products

BC8200 Series

BC8210 – New ISO-K10 Coated CBN Grade for Cast Irons.


*Drilling Product Expansions

DSA Drill Series

DSAS – Drill for machining of Heat Resistant Alloys now with 48 additional sizes from 3mm – 12mm

WSTAR Drill Series

mini-DWAE – Drills specifically designed for swiss-type automatic and small CNC lathes now available in 1.0mm – 2.9mm sizes


*New Milling Products

Impact Miracle End Mill Series

VFR2XLB – Long neck ball end mill for hardened steel with DC range from 0.1mm – 3.0mm

VFRPSRB – Corner radius end mill for hardened steel with DC range from 0.5mm – 12mm


DLC3SA/DLC3SARB – New DLC coated Alimaster end mills with increased weld-resistance for ultra-efficient machining of aluminum alloys available in 12/16/20 & 25mm DC with 3-4 corner radius options for each size of DLC3SARB.

DLC4LATB/C4LATB – New Taper Ball Nose end mills including DLC coated type offering rigid design for high-efficiency machining of aluminum impellers available in 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 & 2mm radii.

*Milling Product Expansions

ASPX Series – Deep Shoulder Milling cutter for titanium alloys now available with integrated 100mm & 125mm HSK shank in 80mm & 3.0” DC

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