August 1, 2018

Materials USA announces the launching of a new CBN turning grade MB4120 for sintered alloys and cast irons

Features of MB4120

• 190 different insert types for all your sintered alloys and cast iron applications

• A variety of edge honing types: sharp edge, a round honing type and three chamfer hones

• Inserts offered in 100 positive styles and 90 negative styles

Technical Information

• Optimum CBN grade choice for continuous and interrupted turning and boring applications

• Fine CBN particles increase cutting edge toughness

• Increased fracture and wear resistance with improved adhesion between the CBN particles

Applications to Target

• Valve and pump components that are composed of sintered alloy materials

• Automotive accounts that machine powdered metals parts

• Interrupted cutting in cast iron and sintered alloys where chipping may occur


• Increased tool life in heavy interrupted cutting of sintered alloys and cast iron materials


TOOL NEWS B246A(601.19 KB)

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