MP9000 M-Posi Expansion

October 6, 2018

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the expansion of MT9005, MP9005, and MP9015 Grades for ISO-S M class positive inserts

New Items

•M class inserts in 5° and 7° positive geometry in 2 coated grades and 1 uncoated grade

A total of 86 new positive M class inserts in CCMT, DCMT, SCMT, TCMT, VCMT and VBMT geometry with LS and MS breakers

MP9005 and MP9015 PVD coated carbide and MT9005 uncoated carbide for difficult to cut materials

Technical Information

PVD coated grade MP9005 focuses on wear resistance

PVD coated grade MP9015 first recommendation for general applications

Uncoated carbide grade MT9005 unmatched resistance to heat and plastic deformation

Applications to Target

Difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, heat resistant and corrosion resistant alloys

Medical and aircraft industries and oil industries with small part manufacturing


PVD Al-rich (Al,Ti)N single layer coating significantly reduces edge fracturing.

Positive inserts for boring and small part opportunities

Chip breaker designs help prevent chip wrapping or chipping the insert

LS breaker for light cutting prevents chip welding and ensure good surface finishes

MS breaker for medium provides smooth chip flow and low cutting resistance

MP9000 / MT9000

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