Chip Breaker Expansion-VAS400

October 6, 2018

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the expansion of R breaker inserts for VAS400

New Items

• A total of 36 new inserts for VAS400 cutters offered in R breaker with MP6120 and VP15TF grade, right hand and left hand

Technical Information

Side cutter series taking the advantage of the latest technology and geometry

VAS400 inserts are offered in 0.016”, 0.031”, 0.079” 0.118”, 0.157” & 0.197” corner radii and both right hand and left hand

Applications to Target

Automotive brake calipers

Cylinder blocks

Steering components


VAS features a tough cutting edge with convex curve, and double-phased helical rake angles that provides low cutting resistance

VAS side cutters provide strong clamping

VAS features an easy clamping system. No need for A-bodies or B-bodies. This unique insert clamping system allows various insert radii, from small to large, to be secured into one body design.

Side Cutter Series

Tool News B242A(5.99 MB)

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