DLE Drill

August 2, 2018

Mitsubishi Materials USA is proud to announce the new DLE solid carbide drill for centering and chamfering

New Items

• 9 new items all with a 90° point angle, available from 3mm to 16mm diameters offered as stock standard items

Technical Information

• Centering, chamfering, corner chamfering & V-grooving

• Sharp cutting edge and high fracture resistance

• Two-step point angles and unique web thinning geometry

Applications to Target

• Applications where centering, chamfering, corner chamfering and V-grooving are required


• Suitable for large batch production on automatic lathes because the cutting edge geometry reduces cutting resistance and also retains its sharpness and strength

• The two-step point angle and the unique web thinning geometry offers high cutting edge strength and prevents sudden fracturing, thereby achieving stable tool life and burr prevention

Leading Drill Series DLE

Tool News B223A(912.94 KB)

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