August 1, 2018

Mitsubishi Materials USA is proud to announce the New Diamond Coated End Mills for Graphite (For Finishing)

New Items

• 8 ea. DF2XLBF metric sizes offered from 0.6mm to 3mm diameters

Technical Information

• It can use not only for Graphite but also for Zirconia and Resin at Dental machining.

• The combination of optimized cutting edges and a diamond coating greatly enhances cutting performance.

• The excellent finished surfaces can be achieved.

Applications to Target

• Graphite machining for EDM electrode

• Zirconia and Resin for Dental Crown


• Crystallized Diamond Coating, which optimization of the coating film provides even higher sharpness.

• Seamless Cutting Edge, which outstanding finishes are realize even for wall surface machining using minor cutting edges.


TOOL NEWS B179A-F(366.33 KB)

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