9000 Series

August 2, 2018

Mitsubishi Materials USA is proud to announce the expansion of MT9005, MP9005 and MP9015 Grades in M Class Negative inserts

Mitsubishi Materials 9000 series

New Items

ISO-S M Class Negative inserts in 2 coated grades and 1 uncoated grade

• A total of 90 new M Class inserts in CNMG, DNMG TNMG, VNMG and WNMG geometries

• MP9005 and MP9015 PVD coated carbide grades in LS, MS, MJ, MA and RS chip breakers

• MT9005 uncoated carbide with sharp cutting edge for excellent wear resistance

• LS chip breaker for difficult to cut materials and low cutting forces

Technical Information

• M class negative inserts for excellent wear and fracture resistance

• Coated grades have a single layer made from High Al-rich (Al,Ti)N for heat resistant alloys

• MP9005 for wear resistance and MP9015 for the more unstable conditions

• LS breaker enhanced chip disposal for when depths of cut are lower than the nose radius

• MS breaker with 2 step rake angle generates excellent chip control and prevents chip nesting

• Uncoated negative inserts for Non-Ferrous and Titanium Alloy materials

• MJ and MA alternative breakers for light to medium cutting with reduced notch wear

Applications to Target

• MP9000 series for heat resistant alloys, cobalt chrome, titanium and copper alloys


• MP9005 and MP9015 coated PVD grades for extended tool life

• LS, MS, MJ, and MA breakers for larger depths of cut while providing excellent chip control

MP9000 / MT9000

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