March 29, 2018

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the New Impact Miracle Revolution ball nose end mill series VFR2SSB with short shank.

New Items

• 12 ea. VFR2SSB short shank metric sizes offered from 1mm to 12mm diameters

Technical Information

• New short shank VFR2SSB for shrink fit applications in lengths from 40mm to 75mm

• 2 fluted and designed for machining hardened steels from 55 HRC to 70 HRC

• New (Al, Cr, Si)N coating

• VFR2SSB – New cutting edge shape

Applications to Target

• Hardened steels from 55 HRC to 70 HRC


• The combination of the new (Al, Cr, Si)N coating, which has a high oxidation temperature and high lubricity, together with the (Al, Ti, Si)N coating, which has better wear resistance and high adhesion, allows for machining of hardened steels and achieving longer tool life.

• Shank tolerance is apply high tolerance of h5 for shrinkage fit and length of shank is short length for shrinkage fit.


TOOL NEWS B231A(833.29 KB)

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