GW Series

March 29, 2018

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the New GW Series
Long Lasting, Easy to Use Cutoff & Grooving System

New Items

• GW series for grooving and cutoff applications

• GW Tool Blocks offered with through coolant and without coolant

• GW Tool Blocks offered in stock inch sizes to fit .750” and 1.00” shanks

• GW Blades offered with coolant through and without coolant

• GW Blades offered in four width seat sizes from .079” - .197”

• GS breaker for lower feed rate applications and GM breaker for medium feed rate applications

• Single tip GW inserts offered in four grades for all your grooving and cutoff applications

Technical Information

GW Tool Blocks offer six coolant connection outlets allowing customers easy hose connections

GW Blades offer a highly ridged reverse taper clamping system for increased reliability and performance

Easy of changing inserts with a single wrench movement reduces down time

Dual coolant on the insert rake and flank face improves wear resistance and increases tool life

Single tip inserts offered in .079”, .118”, .157” and .197” widths in GS and GM breakers

Four grade offerings MY5015, VP10RT, VP20RT, and VP30RT

Applications to Target

• All applications that require grooving and cutoff operations

Bar feed machines that require outstanding performance and excellent tool life

Machines with coolant capabilities and machines without

Grooving applications on lathes that require long reaches and large depths of cut

GW Series

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