ISO Turning Inserts for Difficult-to-cut Materials Breaker expansion

August 18, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the expansion of MT9005, MP9005, and MP9015 Grades with zero offset tool holders

9000 series FS LS breaker

New Items

Ground inserts in 7° positive geometry in 2 coated grades and 1 uncoated grade

A total of 78 new positive ground inserts in CCGT, DCGT and VCGT ground geometry

MP9005 and MP9015 PVD coated carbide in FS and LS breakers for difficult to cut materials

MT9005 uncoated carbide for Non-Ferrous materials in FS-P and LS-P chip breakers

New VCGT I.C. insert for Mitsubishi, VCGT2.5 _ _ inch or 13 mm metric I.C.

12 inch size zero offset tool holders and 12 metric zero offset tool holders for VCGT2.5_ _ inserts

Technical Information

Ground 7° positive inserts for high accuracy and low cutting forces

Coated with a single layer made from High Al-rich (Al,Ti)N for heat resistant alloys

Uncoated polished inserts for Non-Ferrous materials and Titanium Alloy materials

Minus radius tolerance provides high accuracy for parts with tight print tolerances

Minus tolerance (M) included in description for ease of recognition; example: CCGT32.50.5MFS

New offering, (example: VCGT2.520.5MLS), I.C. fits between VCGT221 (1/4 inch I.C) and VCGT331 (3/8’s I.C). Zero offset holders offered as standard stock items for the 2.5 I.C inserts.

Applications to Target

• FS in finish for heat resistant alloys and cobalt chrome

LS for light cutting excellent surface finishes for heat resistant alloys and cobalt chrome

FS-P and LS-P polished inserts ideal for copper, titanium alloys and non-ferrous materials


• FS for finish cutting with sharp cutting edge provides excellent chip disposal and surface finish

LS with straight parallel cutting edge allows for larger depths of cut while providing chip control

Product Features

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