iMX series expansion

August 18, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the addition to our End Mills selection, the new IMX-B3FV Exchangeable Head

New Items

• A total of 4 new, 3 flute, ball nose heads added to our iMX end mill series

Technical Information

Ball nose head for high efficiency machining with 3 flute, irregular curve geometry

The iMX series is a revolutionary end mill system featuring high efficiency, accuracy, rigidity, and offers a wide range of heads

Applications to Target

Die & Mold Industry

Alloy Steels, Die Steel, such as H13 (~50HRC)


Optimized irregular curve geometry greatly reduces vibration

• Features strong back taper angle geometry for stable wall machining

  • • High helical tooth improves facture resistance

TOOL NEWS B200A-F(186.12 KB)

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