November 17, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce an expansion to our side cutter milling tools


New Items

• 8 new items of VAS400 inch cutters offered as stock standard

• 16 new items of VAS400 inch cutters offered as made to order

• 44 total new inserts for VAS500 cutters offered in R-breaker with MP6120 or VP15TF grade, right hand and left hand

Technical Information

• Side cutter series taking the advantage of the latest technology and geometry

• VAS400 inserts feature a unique M-chipbreaker and low cutting resistance

• VAS500 inserts feature a R-chipbreaker for tough applications

• VAS400 inserts are offered in 0.016”, 0.031”, 0.079” 0.118”, 0.157” & 0.197” corner radii and both right hand and left hand

• VAS500 side cutters are (produced to order) engineering specials

Applications to Target

• Automotive brake calipers

• Cylinder blocks

• Steering components


• VAS features a tough cutting edge with convex curve, and double-phased helical rake angles that provides low cutting resistance

• VAS side cutters provide strong clamping

• VAS features an easy clamping system. No need for A-bodies or B-bodies. This unique insert clamping system allows various insert radii, from small to large, to be secured into one body design.

VAS400/VAS500 side cutter milling tools

Tool News B242A(5.99 MB)

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