Series Expasion of AHX Series Face Mill Line

April 22, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce several expansions to our AHX Series Face Mill Line.

AHX series picture

New items

• 14 ea. AHX475S Inch face mills from 2” to 6”

20 ea. AHX475S metric face mills from 50mm to 160mm

3 inserts for AHX640S in PVD grades MP6120 & MP6130 with M breaker, including wiper

2 inserts for AHX640S in PVD grades MP9120 & MP9130 with L breaker

3 wiper inserts for AHX440S including PVD grade MP6120 & CVD grade MC5020 with M breaker

Technical Information

• AHX475S face mills for high feed machining featuring an insert with 14 cutting edges

MP6120, MP6130, MP9120 & MP9130 grades with accumulated Al-Ti-Cr-N based PVD coating

MC5020 grade features black super-smooth CVD coating

Applications to Target

• Steel, Cast Iron & Heat Resistant Alloy


• MP6100 grades ideal for carbon steel and alloy steel, tough and resists chipping

MP9100 grades ideal for titanium alloy and heat resistant alloy, resists thermal cracking

MC5020 grade ideal for ductile cast iron, has excellent wear resistance, controls thermal cracking and chipping

AHX Series

TOOL NEWS B195A (40 Pages)(2.52 MB)

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