PVD Coated Cemented Carbide Grade for Carbon Steel

April 22, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce MS6015, a PVD coated carbide grade for turning of carbon steel


New Items

· 32 inserts offered in 7° positive style in PVD grade MS6015

· These ground inserts are offered in 3 styles of chipbreakers for a variety of applications in carbon steels

· MRSS parallel style chipbreaker for light cutting in low cutting feed rates

· MRSN parallel chipbreaker for low to medium cutting feed rates

· MSMG 3D chipbreaker for medium cutting with sharp cutting action and excellent chip control

Technical Information

· New MS6015 PVD coated carbide grade for Swiss style lathes ensures smooth surface finishes and excellent dimensional accuracy

· Special cemented carbide substrate combined with PVD coating provides superior surfaces

· Increased part stability in small part applications, with a minus tolerance corner radius

Applications to Target

· Swiss style automatic machines producing small part components of carbon steel

· Medium and finish turning when excellent chip control is required

· Applications requiring excellent surface finish and where dimensional accuracy is critical


· MS6015 on carbon steel where a precision surface is required

· New sharp chipbreakers produce superior finish while providing excellent chip control

· MS6015 TiCN based coating delivers excellent wear resistance in medium to low cutting speeds that are typical in small parts manufactured in carbon steel

Product Features

TOOL NEWS B210A-F (8 pages)(443.71 KB)

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