SE and SF hones in CBN grade MB4020

March 30, 2017

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the addition SE and SF hones in CBN grade MB4020

Technical Information

• 37 new SF inserts in negative and positive geometries for a wide insert selection

• 42 new SE inserts in negative and positive geometries for a variety of applications

• SE and SF hones available in MB4020 CBN grade for turning of sintered alloy and cast iron

• SF sharp edge reduces cutting resistance; first choice for precision surface finish requirements

• SF extremely sharp hone for reducing and controlling burrs in stable cutting applications

• SE rounded honing for use in less than stable applications and interrupted machining

• SE recommended for balance between hone strength and the reduction of insert chipping

Applications to Target

• Powdered metal sintered alloys and cast iron materials

• Finish turning sintered alloy automotive valve and oil pump components

• Applications requiring excellent surface finish

• Where hone sharpness is required reducing or eliminating burrs on finished parts


• SE and SF hones where a precision surface is required

• New sharp hones can eliminate need for secondary operations to deburr parts

• MB4020 CBN grade and SF SE FS and TS hones provide solutions in stable and unstable applications

Product available on

• March 30. 2017

Product Features

TOOL NEWS B168A (12 Pages)(531.03 KB)

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