BC8100 series CBN grades for hardened steel

December 23, 2016

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the expansion of the BC8100 series CBN grades for hardened steel

New Items

• A total of 201 new CBN inserts for hard turning of steel

• 174 inserts in CBN grades BC8110, BC8120 and BC8130 offered in hones GH and TH

• 24 wiper inserts in CBN grades BC8105, BC8110 and BC8120 offered in hone FSWS

• 3 inserts in CBN grade BC8120 offered in hone TA

Technical Information

• GH hones for heavy cutting in hardened steel and slight interruptions in hardened steel

• TH hone for heavy interruptions and unstable cutting conditions

• GH and TH offered in both positive and negative geometries

• FSWS CBN wipers in positive and negative geometries for light hard turning steel applications

Applications to Target

• Hardened steel turning for a wide variety of cutting conditions


• BC8105 grade for a superior surface finish and high accuracy cutting of hardened steel

• BC8110 grade for high speed continuous cutting of hardened steel and long tool life

• BC8120 grade for general applications and continuous to medium interrupted cutting

• BC8130 grade for unstable applications and heavy interrupted cutting

• FSWS wiper provides superior surface finish

Product available on

• December 23. 2016

Product Features

TOOL NEWS B215A (28 Pages)(3.30 MB)

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