New launch of FMAX face mills

August 23, 2016

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the launch of FMAX face mills

Technical Information

• FMAX face milling cutters featuring PCD inserts for ultra-efficient and accurate finishing of aluminum alloys

• 6 ea. FMAX (inch) face mills offered in sizes of 3”, 4”, 5” diameter, coarse or fine pitch

• 6 ea. FMAX (metric) face mills offered in sizes of 80, 100, 125mm diameter, course or fine pitch

• Light weight, high rigidity body with adjustment screws for fine tuning of insert height

• Designed for super high feed milling, due to the number of teeth in the body

Applications to Target

• For cutting aluminum alloy

• Automotive


• The ultra-fine pitch design is ideal for high efficiency machining

• A special 2-piece body that combines alloy steel and aluminum to provide rigidity and light weight

• Anti-fly dovetail clamping mechanism designed for high speeds

• Coolant through face mill design provides ideal chip discharge

Product available on

• August 23. 2016

Product Features

TOOL NEWS B216A (8 Pages)(911.54 KB)

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