Side cutter series

July 20, 2016

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce a line of side cutter milling tools VAS400, VOS400 and ASX400.

Technical Information

•Side cutter series taking the advantage of the latest technology and geometry.

•VAS400, VOS400 and ASX400 side cutters provide strong clamping.

•VAS400 inserts feature a unique chipbreaker and low cutting resistance.

•VAS400 inserts are offered in 0.016", 0.031", 0.079" 0.118", 0.157" & 0.197" corner radii and both right hand and left hand.

•VAS400 inserts are US stock standard. Some VOS400 and ASX400 inserts are inventory maintained in Japan only.

•VAS400, VOS400 and ASX400 side cutters are (produced to order) engineering specials.

Applications to Target

•Automotive brake calipers.

•Cylinder blocks.

•Steering components.


•VAS400 features a tough cutting edge with convex curve, and double-phased helical rake angles that provides low cutting resistance.

•VAS400, VOS400 and ASX400 side cutters provide strong clamping.

•VAS400 features an easy clamping system. No need for A-bodies or B-bodies. This unique insert clamping system allows various insert radii, 0.016" thru 0.197", to be secured into one body design.

Product available on

•June 30. 2016

Product Features

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