Mitsubishi Materials is not just a tool manufacturer.

We are committed to promptly responding to customers’ challenges

with the dedication of a professional craftsman and doing our best

to actively contribute to their success.

We strive to become the only tool manufacturer globally offering

“your personal craftsman studio”, a unique service for our customers.

It is the place where you can:

Find state-of-the-art technologies and products.

Find solutions, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Share our excitement on the latest technology trends and product innovation.

It is the studio where we think, share, create and develop together

with our customers exciting solutions to meet their specific needs.



The meaning of our logo

Our logo shows people, standing on a circle, holding hands. The circle represents the earth. Holding hands reflect our commitment to grow and succeed “hand in hand” with our customers and closely work with them improving performance across the globe.

The shape of the logo embodies a variety of ideas. It captures the image of “cutting tools” combined with the dominant letter “M” of the Mitsubishi Materials brand name. It also depicts a flame that symbolizes our passion for craftsmanship.

Materials is
changing and moving forwad.

To get closer to our customers and offer customized solutions to every problem.
To increase customer satisfaction.
To spread our enthusiasm as professional craftsmen.
We have therefore created a new brand message.
Our global family will retain this message in their hearts and minds and will always strive to deliver superior service and solutions meeting our customers' needs.

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